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What We Offer

Daily Offerings:

FREE 20 minute initial consultation

Brennan Healing Science Session                 $100

60 minute personalized session. (includes Long Distance Healing)

First session is 1 1/2 hours and is $150. This includes client history and intention setting.

Chakra Alignment series--7 sessions            $650

3 Session package                                        $280

Yearly Plan (bi-weekly/26 sessions)              $2350

Yearly Plan (monthly/12 sessions) _            $1100

Spa Session                                                  $120            MAKES A GREAT GIFT!

Includes healing session, detox, foot massage and personalized aromatherapy cream.

Ionic Foot Detox                                            $60

Includes 30 minute detox, 10 minute foot massage with detox cream

Full detox series--14 sessions                      $780

Includes massage and personalized aromatherapy cream

Aromatherapy Creams/Oils/Sprays              $3-25

Arthritis Ease, Depression, Sleep Aid, Muscle Release, Stress Relief, Neuropathy oil etc.

Can be custom-made for an additional $10.

Make-Your-Own-Aromatherapy                    $80

One-hour session exploring aromatherapy basics, creating your own healing formula in an oil, cream,

or bath salts. (Group rates available.)

Seminars and Retreats:

CareGivers’ Renewal: In this one-day seminar, we explore the cause of illness and the healing process as it impacts the CareGiver. We look at our own self-responsibility from a larger perspective with an emphasis on exercises and energy techniques that will support and uplift the CareGiver in a more holistic way.

The Edge of Self: Am I Creating Boundaries of Expansion or Resistance? In this 2-hour presentation we explore our energy system with its habits and patterns designed to keep us safe. How do these relationships reveal our greatest gift, as well as a healing response?

Our Place in the Universe Spiritual Nature Retreat: Our place is one in which we stand in humility and awe. Join us for a weekend of dwelling in the power of life and belonging. As the story of Our Place in the Universe unfolds, we will explore our own creativity and gifts, and experience each moment of ordinary time as an opportunity for sacredness, healing and connection to emerge.

The Seven Sacred Sticks: In this 2-hour guided and walking meditation you will let your intuition guide you, and your sacred sticks reveal your gifts as well as your difficulties.

I have added Laurie Thorp's Krysantha Healing to my energy techniques.

The Krysantha is the underlying golden matrix of energy that animates and connects all things. The Krysantha is the animating life force, the bio-photonic light that enlivens every cell of your being. To find out more, explore Laurie's website at:

Our healing room is intimate, quiet and comfortable.

An Ionic Foot Detox session

will help cleanse and energize your system.

Brennan Healing Science encompasses all four dimensions of the Human Energy Field.

Krysantha Healing remembers and energizes the individual life force with the Golden Matrix of Divine Oneness.

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