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Healing Guidelines

Healing Session Guidelines

• Change can be one of the hardest things that we undertake. If it were easy we would all be

living our ideal lives. It is important that you, the client, be committed to the journey and

if there are reservations, please voice them so that they may be addressed and cleared in a

healthy way.

• Since we create our own reality, consider me your tour guide. As much as I can raise the

frequency, assist in releasing/realizing issues, and share information, the responsibility of

accepting or rejecting new patterns lies with you. It’s ultimately your choice.

• Please leave as much quiet time after a session as possible to integrate whatever new

perspectives may show up. Keeping your body well hydrated after a session is also

important because you may experience a surprisingly strong detoxifying effect even

though there was no physical manipulation or even contact.

• Drink plenty of water, rest if you need to, and take care of yourself following a session.

• If you are in the habit of using recreational substances, it is essential that you let me know

and refrain from using for 24 hours preceding, as well as following a session.

• If you are taking medications, or begin taking medications, please reveal the nature of the

issue and the types of medications involved.

• If you have a health challenge please indicate this when making your appointment or at

the beginning of the session. It’s to your benefit.

• If you have any physical injury or disease, we ask that you please be in the care of a

licensed medical professional—keep up your visits to your doctor and notify them

immediately of any concerns.

• Your body/ being/ essence has its own intelligence, which is very well informed as to

what needs to happen and in what order it should happen. If you do not get the changes

you wish for in the order that you choose, try to remember how wondrous this process can

be. Belittling your progress because it doesn’t follow your preconceived notion as to how

it should look doesn’t allow you to celebrate the strides you have made. Reflect on the

positive changes or realizations you have made, and then ask how it can get even better.

• Try not to be quick to judge. The effects of some sessions can take days, weeks or even

months to unfold. Sometimes it takes someone else to see the changes in you, since they

have a different perspective.


It should be noted that Brennan Healing Science® does not constitute psychotherapy and is not a substitute for

psychotherapy or medical diagnosis. The healing practitioner is not a physician or medical professional and therefore does not diagnose or treat disease or illness or prescribe medications. If you have a physical injury or medical condition, you must be under the care of a licensed medical professional.

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