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What is my purpose, and how do I want to accomplish it?

Anne and grandson #1, Point-no-Point, WA, 2020

My main focus for each client: Support, Balance, Reconnection, Intention, Essence

The labyrinth, winter, 2014.

My grandson #2 in backyard, 2020.

A little bit about who I am

I have a strong connection with Mother Earth, and the Mystery that some may call God. These relationships have always been the source of my guidance, direction and purpose. I believe in the power of transformation rather than change. Often we believe change is getting rid of, replacing something old with something new. Transformation, on the other hand, uses what is already there and creates something more expansive, more mature.

This expansion always begins with unlimited possibilities. I have come to view my mistakes as choices to learn from--I always have the possibility of making another choice--and there are always more than two! In the midst of this chaos we call life, I am not only grateful, I am sure each tumultuous moment reveals hidden connections and adventures that lead into the Heart of the Universe.

That said, it remains that life is rough! It is chaotic! I was asked recently what helps me come back to center, and I'd have to say it is practicing surrender. Surrender isn't a giving up, for me, or even a letting go. It is an opening, throwing back my shoulders, taking a big breath in, and expanding my perception. Surrender is remembering that I am part of a larger whole, which/who is supporting my every step.

My sister once asked me what was the most important thing I learned in life, and without hesitation I answered--Patience. Life/Transformation/Love all these things take time--and with patience we can remember that we have all the time in the world.

My credentials

I've know since I was 5 that I wanted to become a nurse and work with relationships. I was born and grew up in Yonkers, NY, went to high school in the Bronx, and college in Manhattan--Hunter College / Bellevue School of Nursing. I graduated with an RN/BS. I went on to get a masters in Earth Literacy (nature and spirituality) at St. Mary of the Woods College in Indiana. I received my PhD in Wisdom Studies with a concentration in Arts and Healing (using creativity to heal) from Wisdom University in California. I'm also a certified Minister with the Universal Life Church. While I was doing my dissertation on The Divine Sparks Within: Weaving Stories of Connection, I was guided to get my 4-year certification in Brennan Healing Science. To learn more about BHS, go to

How we can work together

I believe that every client intuitively knows how to heal themselves. My role is to hold space for that to happen, and teach the client to do the same. Discovering blocks and where we give ourselves away will expose our fears. Bringing everything back to center and asking what's here now creates a new pattern. Reflecting the tension of both/and rather than good/bad will provide the energy to expand perspectives and transform stories.

These awarenesses help uncover our dis-ease, and lead us back to balance and reconnection. Getting support from another helps us clarify our intention and feel our essence. Promoting these kind of relationships with Self and Other is how I work with clients. I am in the process of recording short 5-7 minute videos on each one of these techniques. Find them in the Resources section.

Where I'm located

I live and work in Kingston, Washington. For those of you not in this area, I also do long-distance healings! Please call 301-275-3636 or email

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