Sat. 7/23 1:00 PM Charlottesville, VA Healing Day

To make an appointment please call Kim Lohan at 434-296-3149

Sat. 8/13 1:00 PM Charlotte, NC Healing Day

to make an appointment please call Anne Ulvestad at 301-275-3636

Sat. 11/19 1:00 PM Wave Across America: Pennsylvania!
Sat. 5/19 1:00 PM New Hampshire Healing Day

Stay tuned for location information!

Sun. 5/4 1:00 PM NEW! Healing Day Meet us at the Gaia Fresh Food Cafe, 57 West Pomfret Street, Carlisle, PA between 1 and 4 pm on Sunday, May 4th to experience a free energy healing. Brennan Healing Science, Intuitive Holistic Practice, and Reiki are a few of the modalities that will... more
Wed. 7/2
Fri. 7/4
2:00 PM
8:00 PM
Healing Day Holidays!

All are invited to experience a free 20-30 minute energy healing at St. Mary of the Woods College, Regnier Hermitage, between 2 and 8 pm. Call for an appointment: 301-275-3636

Sun. 12/14 2:00 PM Healing Day Save the date! Experience a FREE energy healing! All are welcome to receive a 20-minute healing from practitioners with a variety of energy techniques. Discover more about alternative health and wellness modalities— ask questions, and pick up... more
Sat. 8/8 9:00 AM CareGiver's Renewal • How often do you find yourself unable to get the good food, rest and relaxation that you need at the end of the day? • Do your thoughts tend to find fault or judge your client, or yourself, for not trying hard enough, for being the cau... more
Tue. 9/22 6:00 PM The Universe Walk

Walk an evolutionary path from the Big Bang through the present to feel the awe and humility of our position as awareness of the Universe.

Sat. 9/26
Sun. 9/27
9:00 AM
5:00 PM
Our Place in the Universe Spiritual Nature Retreat Join us for a weekend exploration of our place in the universe, and how we developed an awareness that can encompass so much. Yet, are we living to acquire power over ourselves, others, and our environment? Or are we dwelling in the power of life, ... more
Sat. 10/3
Sun. 10/4
9:00 AM
5:00 PM
Spirit of Oneness

I'll have a table at this Holistic Health Fair, offering 20 minute healing sessions.

Sat. 10/24 2:00 PM The Seven Sacred Sticks Guided and Walking Meditation "Take off your shoes; the place where you stand is holy ground." Let go of your story, embracing reality. Let go of shame, guilt, and pretension. Stand barefoot right here and now, and you will find that every place, every moment is sacred. Open to ... more
Tue. 10/27 11:00 AM Health Fair

I'll have a table at the Lowenstein Sandler Health Fair, educating all on the benefits of Brennan Healing Science.

Thu. 12/3 6:30 PM Aromatherapy WS and Lab

Sat. 1/23 2:00 PM The Edge of Self

Am I creating boundaries of expansion or resistance? Discover why and where you are giving yourself away, and what to do about it. $20. Bring a friend $30.


Sat. 2/20 2:00 PM The Key to Our Spiritual Senses Join us for a 2-hour experience of feeling and opening to your spiritual senses. Whether you are a beginner, a skeptic, or a long-time energy healer, practicing and developing your spiritual senses takes time, training and validation. Identifying you... more
Sat. 10/1
Sun. 10/2
10:00 AM
5:00 PM
Spirit of Oneness Holistic Expo

I've got a table at the Expo, selling Healing Energy Photo-Poem books, cards, and giving 20 minute sample Brennan Energy Healings.

Sat. 11/5 2:00 PM 7 Sacred Sticks A GUIDED MEDITATION Let go of the past. Let go of limitations. Let go of your idealized self, your need to be good, or right, or popular, or successful. And open to the mystical, the luminous, the sacredness of this moment . . . Now, step on ... more
Sat. 6/24 2:00 PM OPEN HOUSE!

Sat. 7/29 2:00 PM The Key to Our Spiritual Senses

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