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July Healing Wave Newsletter

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June Healing Wave Newsletter

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February Healing Wave Newsletter

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January Healing Wave Newsletter

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September 2015 Newsletter

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This month's theme is Being Seen. How can we love ourselves if what we see is someone else's story? How can we open to receive love if we do not allow our true selves to be seen? Being vulnerable to what's here now does not mean opening to the pain and insensitivity of others. Actually, being vulnerable is having the strength and humility to stand in your core essence and shine. And, yes, life is a messy business, but it's well worth it! ;

August 2015 Newsletter

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Is the acorn the oak tree? Are you your true potential? Are these experiences of change or transformation? Often we believe change is getting rid of, replacing something old with something new. Transformation, on the other hand, is using what is already there and creating something more expansive, more mature. This month's newsletter explores our awareness and our patterns.


The Healing Wave August 2015 Newsletter by Anne Bachop

Client Testimonial

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Monday, April 25, 2011 12:25 PM

Dear Anne, Just a note to thank you for the opportunity to experience the Barbara Brennan healing session last week—it has re-opened pathways and again reminded me of my mission here.

I scheduled an appointment regarding my throat with a local clinic to see what exactly is happening there. I believe my thyroid is enlarged and feel that swallowing my truth has caused this imbalance, as you sensed during my session. Smoking doesn't help (argh) but that habit seems to be going away, thankfully.

What you are doing—I read all the literature I collected, and about the East Coast Wave!—is a wonderful "connect the dots" way to reach so many people who can in turn reach others as they find the Truth that will allow this planet and its people to raise our vibration to the next level.

I admire your undertaking very much and know the feeling when—despite our "logical" protests—Spirit simply paves the way to get things done.

I had to laugh when I read that you told your Guides "No way!" when they unveiled their country-wide "sweep" they had planned for you . . . lol. I too have objected (feeling a bit of trepidation in doing so) "uh uh . . . nope!" from time to time, and have been surprised that Spirit simply chuckles at my resistance and redraws the lines.

It has been a while since I have been opened enough to HEAR. Thank you for helping me realign with Spirit and my role in this play. My current caregiving role with Mom has taught me much. I look forward to becoming an active member of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing if and when the time comes.

If I can ever be of help to you, please let me know.

I send you kindest regards surrounded in much Light,

Barbara Fann

PS I was not aware that you were actually my healer when we spoke at first. I consider myself very fortunate for that luck of the draw. :)

Healer Testimonials

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“The workshop was a cool experience. It was great to have so many interested client participants show up and learn about Brennan healing: 21 altogether. I had never done four healings in a row before, and was pleasantly surprised. The clients were really open and very appreciative. The whole affair was so well organized; it was effortless. It was also a treat to get together with classmates outside of class. I would love to do this again in the future. Two thumbs up!” -Kelley Hails

“It was a wonderful experience . . . truly a pleasure to meet and work with new people. I learned some very valuable lessons that I am applying to my own personal practice. There was a special rhythm to the day that felt effortless and easy. I felt incredibly supported by Anne, Kristen, and Maria . . . real unity and love.” –Viki Scudiery

“What I would like to share that I learned through Healing Day is: Belonging to a community of healers that are supportive of each other helps me be more supportive of clients.” –Kathy Kelly

“The day before the Healing Day in New York, a wide view came to me about the whole day. I had the sense of the day as a calling—a call out to those who live in the area and those who heal in the area. The call out was made and each individual responded to the call in his or her own way. The way that Anne has framed the day is that whatever happens is just as it is and it is all okay. Being met with this safety frame creates a healing for each individual that they can respond in whatever way they want and be held in love and safety. It seemed suddenly obvious and yet profound, and the basis for healing.” —Kristen Balouch

“The Healing Day in New York City helped me to remember who I am in my essence. I felt radiant and connected to my soul for the rest of the day! Thank you for creating this sacred space for both clients and healers.” –Maria Paniccioli

“Participating in Anne’s Art Project was truly an enlightening experience. I felt like my clients were supposed to be there. I felt that Anne’s Art Project was guided to give these people an awareness of who they really are; to open to their true self. While talking with my first client, I remembered Barbara’s words that what the client is really asking for is help finding his or her way home. And that was the template I set for each healing. I hope the Healing Wave for each client will continue. “Personally, the most amazing aspect of this Healing Wave was using my HSP. Because the clients came one after another, I experienced each client’s energy and they were all unique and different. Thank you Anne for this wonderful opportunity.” —Kathy Burrus